Article 11 [Repudiation of War]

Italy - Constitution {Adopted on: 22 Dec 1947 } { Effective since: 1 Jan 1948 }
Italy shall repudiate war as an instrument of offence against the freedom of other peoples and as a mean for settling international disputes

I don't care about revisionism. This is a simple observation on the concept of cause-effect.
Strange how all the faces of war look so alike.

Similitudes in the history of the town I was born in, same as in Sarajevo during 1995, when we found ourselves cut off for a whole week.
We quietly ride among evidences, only taking delight in the luxury and the beauty of a former priority target.
We assist to the natural extinguishment of those that can tell to us the whys and wherefores of history: my grandfather breaks into tears when it comes to war memories.

The cloned web-site is the Verona's Official Tourism Information site. You should check it out, it’s very beautiful (IMHO, except for English translation), visit it.

The majority of the proposed material was extracted from the catalogue of the exhibition "Bombardamenti a Verona" by Claudio Beccalossi, September 2001: main source of inspiration.

Additional material comes from Il processo di Verona, Didattica-Esperienze and personal archives.

For a strange coincidence this operation meets the project of a tribute to Philip Dick's "Ubik" (or "The man in the High Castle"?), which moves into my mind from about one year.

Kaz, like in"the HyperMacbeth", it seems that your researches are destinated to inspire me, thanks pal.

Another primary source of inspiration is the activity of

December 11, 2002 , dlsan