Dear friends and colleagues,

Probably this is a surprise for everybody (except for my sister and my mother),
but my life will soon approach a new challenge.
Thanks to my experience and skills, I have been selected to be part of the OBL University
free of charge for 1 year. I was extremely surprised and after sometime of
thinking, I have decided that this an unique chance and proceed with this challenge.

This means that I will miss you for a while but I would like to keep in
contact with you and I believe I'll have the opportunity back in Italy.

The college starts October 2002.
I'll leave at the end of this month in order to arrange my facilities and
accommodation. The college is a combination of international management and
company psychology reactions and will offer me to deal with different
countries and cultures due to the fact that most of the college students
are foreigners. Altought the management and process are in contrast with my
education and background, I found interesting to do something totally
different for one year.

I'm still around in Italy, so a drink together is well appreciated. Let me know.

For people that are interested in such college, I have included some
material in the attachment.

I'll keep you posted concerning the definite departure date.
Regards and take care.

see OBLU documentation