Getting about in the city

Via Roma, Via Mazzini, Via Cappello, Via Leoni and Corso Portoni Borsari are all exclusively pedestrian precincts

By car: the historical centre is closed to traffic from 7.30 to 10.30 am and from 1.30 to 4.30 pm with the exception of authorised vehicles and cars going directly to hotels.

In many areas to the historical centre parking is available but only for an hour with a parking disk displayed. You can find unlimited free parking in the main carparks (indicated on map) at the Football Stadium, in Via Città di Nimes (Railway Station), at Porta Vescovo and at "Gasometro" (Lungadige Galtarossa).

There are also high-security multi-storey car parks (parking fees charged). Bus free parkings in Via Pallone and Lungadige Capuleti.

By bus
: the city buses are coloured orange and marked AMT; tickets must be bought before getting onto the bus and can be obtained from tobacco shops (tabaccherie: look for large, white 'T' outside shop) and from newsagents. Tickets L.1,600 and once stamped on the bus are valid 60 minutes from the time of stamping. A daily tourist ticket is also available which costs L. 5,000 and is valid for all routes in the city.
(Bus informations AMT - tel. 0458871111 - ).

march 28, 1944 / B24 Liberator

You can visit Lake Garda and the Veronese mountains by taking a regional bus coloured blue. The bus station is in the square outside Porta Nuova Railway Station. Tickets for these buses must also be bought in advance from the bus station.
(For more information: APT - Azienda Provinciale Trasporti - tel. 0458004129).

By taxi: Do not expect taxis to stop on the way. You will find taxi ranks at the railway station and in the city centre. You can also book a taxi by phoning the number 045532666; the service operates 24 hrs. a day.
Taxis on daily and nightly duty are available at the railway station (tel.0458004528) and in Piazza Bra (tel. 0458030565).