Featured project on HTML Color Codes exhibition for Rhizome -September, 2009
HTML Color Codes
Macbeth: new critical essays - Congition and Performance - dlsan's Hypermacbeth (pp. 322-325) by Bruno Lessard
Routledge Literature - March 2008

JIP - Javamuseum Interview Project - interview participan, April 18th, 2006
Prog:ME -Rio de Janeiro - net art participant, from July 19 to August 28, 2005
Net Art Review:: featured artist of the month - review, 07 May 2005
El Pais :: Ciberp@ís :: Hypermacbeth: sonido y furia - review, 21 April 2005
340 Kbytes - PDF
Extasy :: the final show:: JavaMuseum - participant, April 2005
extasy - javamuseum
F5 Reload :: Mail Art :: Chile - participant, July 2004
Artista citato nella Mappa della cultura digitale artistica Italiana. RAI - Italica 2003
Hypertext digital artist featured in RAI - Italica 2003

Contribution to IMMA - FAKE - Net.Art Open 2003
Contribution to Violence Online Festival Version 4.0 - New Media Nation - launch on 17 February 2003
featured net-artist of the month @ istanbulmuseum.org with Giochino, January 2003
Anti War Web Ring, January 2003
Urbangs participant, January 2003
Wartime participant with In memory do we trust?, December 2002
Contribution to Kontora Mir, in November 2002
Kid Koma as remarkable artsite in Strange Fruits “artificial enviroments”, in November 2002
Member of manyfold.org, from October 2002
Contribution to One project at codepixel.org, in October 2002
Contribution to the muse-apprentice-guild, in October 2002
Contribution to AmsterdamEditions*, in September 2002
Contribution to a-virtual-memorial.org for the Victims of Terror, in August 2002
Contribution to the-cyber-kitchen in August 2002 with aqua
"Actual Position on Italian NetArt" featuring dlsan in July 2002 on
Contribution to The Digital Pocket Gallery in June 2002
Interviewed by Chloe Veltman about the HyperMacbeth in May 29, 2002 on
Since 2001 Kid Koma and the HyperMacbeth have been reviewed by
Net Art Review
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Since 2002 the HyperMacbeth has been criticized by

The WeatherPixie

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