KID KOMA's "LAB section" is a mind labyrinth.
Links are like ideas cause we think in a hypertextual way and usually remind to other sites.
Ideas are hypertextual and usually remind to other sites.
LAB is an experimental laboratory of hypertext, culture, art and trash.
Although it's the simplest self-training, it's only a cut-up.
Although it has no future, it's still growing.
Although it's on inter-net, it's in ita-lang.
Although it's art, it's trash.
(Don't worry, be happy)

dlsan is a non-graphic software (RPG language) developer from 1990.
In April 2001 he approached at the web after other activities like painting, photography, drawing comics and acting.

- rhizome.org, aug 31, 2001

In my opinion "playing with materials" is the primary purpose of a creative act.
Kid Koma is an assembly of public culture domain materials
(including the © symbol), in total respect of the owners.
All of that is proposed in a personal and creative way
of living the net, absolutely without commercial purposes.
It's a style-exercise made with very cheap instruments
(pc-processor 133 mhz, 32 Mb RAM, low speed connection, 3 hours of work per week).
Adding or removing material and suggestions
can be done writing to dlsan@dlsan.org.

Anyway, Kid Koma must be considered as "Home Page".


In ottemperanza con la nuova legge sull'editoria italiana, si segnala che questo sito non è una testata giornalistica ma una sito personale, e non esiste editore.